Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO
Kartik leads a talented team of technocrats, building cutting-edge software products and advanced analytics solutions and focusing on mutually beneficial sustained partnerships in countries around the world.

Pradip Sharma
Pradip Sharma is a Consultant in the analytics space with depth in analytics and ability to provide insights so that the customers can uniquely solve their data and analytics needs for effective results.

Arbuda Dave
Arbuda Dave is analytics expert who enables small and medium enterprise to effectively use business intelligence and data solutions in business. She has India specific expertise which allows small users to harness the power of data.

Pooja Shah
Pooja Shah is a Business Analysts with expertise in working with ElegantJ BI to develop a comprehensive solution for multiple verticals. Her fundamentals of understanding security and user level administration will provide you with insights to effectively use ElegantJ BI.

Ritu Gupta
Ritu Gupta is our data person. She will guide you with the best and effective ways to put together data. Extract, transform and loading data effectively into ElegantJ BI, what will make the data effectively accessible to ElegantJ BI and how you could best use your data, Ritu will be your guide in these areas.