CIMS Hospital – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Mr. Kishor Gojiya, CIMS Hospital

We are one of the leading multi specialty hospitals in Gujarat who provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in India. Supervising all the functions in the hospital encircling patient management and their statistics, specialty management, etc. from one place was much needed for us as they were coming from various sources (PCS ERP, and other In-house Portals). High degree of manual work for the report preparation and getting timely updated reports was another challenge. With Smarten’s self-serve data preparation capability and minimal training, the data from various sources (SQL server, Excel files) were extracted, cleansed and transformed into ad-hoc analysis for our major areas like Clinical care, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, etc. We were happy with the product and services and we have expanded our user licenses to more divisions recently. We appreciate the work and support of team Smarten and look forward to more BIG engagements in future!

Caratlane – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Mr. Aakrosh Sharma, Caratlane.

Being one of the leading online jewelry retailers, getting the right data at the right time is very crucial to make data-driven decisions. Our data is also spread across various systems such as Synergics ERP, Mix Panel, and Spreadsheets etc. Smarten integrated the data from various sources to a single BI in the form of meaningful analytics. With the help of Smarten solutions team and with minimal training, our team was able to implement BI into areas like Merchandise, Supply chain, Inventory, etc. From supply chain to customer buying behavior, employee information to inventory details – every interaction and data point offers an opportunity to make the business more efficient and successful. We look forward to further association in the future.

TaskFlow Answer – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Dave Patel, TaskFlow Answer, USA

We (TaskFlow Answer Private Limited) are a leading company over 55 years of diverse international experience in the health care industry with our Referral Answer system. With the help of Smarten multi tenant framework, the architectural and framework development efforts were brought down for our customers and increased the productivity thereby saving both time and money.

With the help of Smarten’s efficient internal resources we were able to develop end user modules like Revenue, Compliance, Inventory, Fax, Resupply, etc. quickly and efficiently. The smarten team took an understanding on our database tables, views, etc. and independently worked on our database to have the bottom line - SSDP of smarten - in place. We have had very challenging deliverables and Smarten team has come through for us. The diligence, professionalism, and integrity by their team have made our collaboration a remarkable adventure. I look forward to our continued work together.

CORONA Remedies – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Bhaven Shah, CORONA Remedies Private Limited, India

The pre-Smarten era was a difficult phase for us in terms of Insightful reporting. Being a versatile solution that has experience in handling pharma clients, Smarten coped up well with our complex reporting requirements. Our requirements were more complex due to multiple data sources, and our complex sales team structure and dynamic sales incentive structures. Smarten team worked with our team to build the base structure of staging database and key reporting structures, and then our internal team could expand it further on their own with support of Smarten team. The complete browser-based application and easy to use interface helped us develop our major modules like Sales, Incentive, MIS, Profit and Loss, etc. and also to automatically distribute the reports to the entire team through the scheduler functionality. We look forward to a long term relationship with Smarten on our journey to the BI analytics.

CERA – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Biren Parikh, CERA Sanitaryware Limited, India

We are one of the leading brands in Sanitary, Faucet & Tiles industry, with a manufacturing location at Kadi and distributions across the country. We have SAP and other enterprise applications (CRM application, Payroll, etc.) and we wanted to provide 360 degree analytics not only to our HODs or CxOs or Seniors, but up to the operational level in our team. With Smarten, we have been able to integrate various enterprise systems and roll out analytics in very short time frame with highly competitive TCO, and with their compressive tools and support including support portal with knowledge base articles, ticket based supporting systems and webinars, helps us maintain high availability for our analytics.

SOHAM ERP – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Binoy Shah, Soham Erp Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Being a solution provider to pharma industry, importance of analytics, KPIs and ad hoc reporting capabilities were becoming more and more important to our customers. We joined hands with the Smarten team, and jointly developed the base template, and trained our implementation and support team, and now, we are self-sufficient in developing and rolling out new analytics, dashboards, KPI, and reports to our customers. The tool is so user friendly and easy to use that our customer now have started developing the report, KPI’s as per their requirement. Majorly the tool has been able to impress the apex team of the company as its ability to display lots on details on a single screen has got their attention. Using Smarten’s multi-tenant framework, we were able to move to a cloud-based solution, and provide stable, uninterrupted analytics to our customers. We are happy to work with their support team and to see continued improvements and new features in Smarten.

JADEBLUE – ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Client

Pratik Makwana, JadeBlue

Smarten is a super fast, 100% browser based and simple to use BI tool that is rich in features and easy to dig deeper into solutions. Smarten meets all our sales and stock related business requirements and we are happy to get it implemented in our organization. We are able to make quick Analytics for our various divisions using Smarten. A product or support of this quality is central to the smooth functioning of any business house. Smarten is highly recommended.

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by Bin Jarallah Group

Mohamed Othman, Bin Jarallah Est. Trading & General Contracting, Saudi Arabia

“We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that Elegant BI is the tool meeting our requirements, We are glad to have Elegant BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI.”

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Partner in UK, performworld

Jonathan Russell, Performworld Limited, UK

“We are pleased to recommend ElegantJ BI as our preferred business intelligence reporting tool. We have integrated ElegantJ BI with our operational performance measurement system called Perform! as an additional reporting option. Our private and public sectors’ clients use Perform! to measure and analyse operational performance for Finance, HR and other back office functions to drive cost savings and quality improvements in a rapid timeframe. Here, ElegantJ BI supplements our standard reporting set and allows clients greater flexibility to further analyse the wealth of detailed level operational data like time, volumes, defects, and productivity etc. ElegantJ BI provides a cost effective solution and can be further extended to provide comprehensive integrated performance reporting across the whole organisation.”

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Partner in United Kingdom, COMMUNITY PEOPLE

Jim Sproat, Community People Limited, UK

“We are a leading Internet community and eDemocracy solution provider in UK, enabling organisations to competently and successfully consult and engage with stakeholders. Our product eConsult provides a means to respond to relevant consultations either in survey form or using more deliberative processes. Utilizing Business Intelligence Company, ElegantJ BI's product suite with eConsult has given us a distinct stand in our markets. ElegantJ BI’s comprehensive Cross Tab OLAP analysis derives the analysis of huge responses quickly and provides much needed dynamic cross tabulations with geographic and demographic profiling that our users need. We can perform sophisticated analytical processes at our fingertips, such as - Respondent Profile analysis, Response Activity analysis, Response Analysis and Question vs. Question Matrix analysis. Moreover, the exceptional reporting and alert manager feature helps us to generate exception highlighted reports for consultation managers and other stakeholders. ElegantJ BI’s smart publishing and delivery agent simplifies our efforts to publish survey responses and in communicating results. We certainly look forward to future developments and working together.”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by JMC Projects (India) Ltd

Mahendra Patel, JMC Projects (India) Limited, India

“We are a leading construction group undertaking Civil construction works for Commercial, Residential & Industrial Buildings, Infrastructure and Power Plant projects throughout India. We looked for various options while evaluating our BI tool (Business Analytics and Intelligence) need. We found ElegantJ BI meets our most of the requirements. ElegantJ BI’s architecture is as per industry standard and it is open for various platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, Oracle RDBMS, other small database and spreadsheets). Since it is browser based, it can be easily hosted through our centralized IT Infrastructure at our corporate office to our various offices and project sites. It is simple to use and requires lesser training and support. Whenever we get new versions / patches it does not require major down time or re-work. ElegantJ BI is helpful in getting day to day operations requirements as well as detailed analysis for management. We are glad to have “ElegantJ BI” implemented in our organization since last 3 years.”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by THOMSON REUTERS

David Guyett, Thomson Reuters, UK

“Elegant J Business Intelligence played a pivotal role helping my team tap into the huge amount of timekeeping data our firm had assiduously collected over several years, but which we had extracted very little value from. We realized that with Elegant J BI we could gain an insight into our business performance and trends which we were then able to present to Management in a digestible form. As a direct result of our analysis using ElegantJ BI we were able to ensure that scarce resources were ring-fenced for critical operations whilst also freeing up resource from other areas to improve productivity and allocate costs more accurately across our operations. Elegant J BI proved an excellent partner, listening to and taking our feedback on-board, then delivering changes and improvements to the product.”

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Partner in Malaysia, KA CONSULTING


“ElegantJ BI allows us to offer simple, practical and affordable business solution to the broader range of customers in South East Asia. ElegantJ BI team is quite supportive and professional. They have provided very good training and presales support. We are happy to become the partner for ElegantJ BI”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by ITALIA Group

Samir Nevatia, Italia Group, India

“We are a leading group manufacturing and marketing up-market tiles and mosaics throughout India. We examined various options while evaluating our Business Analytics and Intelligence need. We found ElegantJ BI meets our most of the requirements. ElegantJ BI’s architecture is as per industry standard, is simple to use and easy to implement. The total cost of ownership was much lower due to a short implementation cycle and there was no requirement for special skills or consultants. We are mainly using ElegantJ BI to analyze data from Navision. ElegantJ BI is helpful in monitoring day to day operations as well as providing detailed analysis for management. We are glad to have chosen ElegantJ BI for our organization”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by BPTP Limited

Sushil Kumar Goel, BPTP Limited, India

“We are pleased to put on record that M&N Business Intelligence, whom we had engaged for the on-line milestone tracking project for our all projects have successfully completed the first phase of the project. The following were broadly aims of the project Provide real time visibility to the managers for the building activities. Provide an easy to use interface for inputting the milestone and the cash flow data across various projects. Provide a management reporting (ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence) framework with which the senior managers could make their own dashboards and graphs. Provide correct, accurate reporting (ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence) to senior managers. M&N Business Intelligence in collaboration with Interactive Multimedia Technologies (Software) and Elegant MicroWeb (ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence) after successfully completing the first phase, are now moving on to extend the solution to other projects.”

ElegantJ BI – BI Partner in India, M&N BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

Apoorv Chaturvedi, M&N Business Intelligence, India

“We are leading business intelligence service provider with experience on various data warehousing and BI platforms. ElegantJ BI team has provided excellent presales and post sales support to us. With remarkably less implementation and training periods, ElegantJ BI implementation can achieve great results in very short span for our customer. We are glad to offer ElegantJ BI to our customer and partners across the globe with unique proposition of lower Total Cost of Ownership and faster Return on Investment.”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by LINCOLN Pharmaceuticals

K.P.Sompura, Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India

“We are a Public Limited Pharmaceutical Company with a large share holder base, having our own manufacturing facility covering all the major therapeutic segments. ElegantJ BI helped us to provide with consolidated and timely analysis across different location & data source for making effective decision making to respond to the dynamic market. ”

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Partner in United Kingdom, quantum

Richard Bibby, Quantum BI, UK

“We We are delighted to represent Business Intelligence Company, ElegantJ BI in the UK, recognizing that it offers the smaller business with a simple, smarter, robust, high performance business intelligence solution at an affordable price, and supported by an ISO rated company. It is a vital asset to the small business, in promoting the decision making process. The value which ElegantJ BI provides for the decision makers is the ability to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. One of the key aspects of the ElegantJ BI tool is simplicity, without compromising the power to deliver. We are happy to provide on-site consultancy support services for Elegant BI. We work closely with Elegant Microweb in India to ensure the maximum benefit is leveraged from the offshore support services.”

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Partner in Saudi Arabia, NVIS

Ibrahim M Barghot, New Vision Integrated Systems, Saudi Arabia

“ElegantJ BI is powerful and intuitive tool, we are happy to offer & implement ElegantJ BI to our clients. Their partnership program is win-win proposition for us, and they provide us excellent presales and technical support.It is great value for us as partners, and great value for our customers for their BI investments.”

ElegantJ BI – Quotes by KiFS Securities Ltd

Nikhil Thakker, KIFS Securities Ltd, India

“ElegantJ BI is very simple and intuitive BI software. With the help of ElegantJ BI We are able to analyze consolidated information to make effective and timely decision, which is very crucial in the industry like us. ElegantJ BI is definitely a good investment for us!”