Smart Visualization

Auto-Recommendations for the Best Possible Data Visualization

Smart Visualization tools allow users to gather various data components and tell a story that will clarify a problem, identify an opportunity or help to make a decision. In order to build and tell that story, the business user must be able to interact with their analytics software and build the story through guided visualization and recommended data presentation to best illustrate the underlying data and issues. Business users can quickly, and efficiently produce best possible visualization of underlying data based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.

Traditional data visualization is static and, while it may offer a choice of graphs and displays, it is not interactive and is not ‘Smart’ enough. In the traditional scenario, visual representations are not useful in helping users to analyze and understand data or choose the right method to display and report that data for decision-making. Smart Visualization allows the enterprise and its users to select and display data in a way that assures accurate interpretation and assumes no technical skill or need for in-depth training.

Clear, concise data at your fingertips

Clear, concise data at your fingertips

Smart Data Visualization allows your business users to analyze, share and present information without waiting for technical or data visualization expert assistance. Give business users the tools they need to cut through that mountain of data and find the nuggets of information that will make a real difference in business results.

Empower Users with personalized data views

Rich, functional Smart Data Visualization incorporates cutting-edge technology on the backend, and an understanding of the user experience on the front end, so users get a helping hand with suggestions and recommendations on how to view certain types of data and can personalize data displays to create meaningful views and collaboration. Smart Visualization takes the handcuffs off users and eliminates the need for the enterprise to anticipate exactly what each user needs.

Auto-Recommend, Auto Suggest Data DisplaysSuggest and recommend displays, views, and plotting to explore best possible value from underlying data

Display and Analyze Meaningful DataAllow users to leverage data In a way that is useful to them and to their role

Clear, Concise Data DisplaysProvide options, formats and views that help users to understand data

Analyze, Forecast and PredictHelp users to identify patterns and trends, get insights and make confident decisions

Transform Users to Citizen Data ScientistsAllow for clear, concise analysis of underlying data without any technical or special visualization skills

Flexible, Appropriate DisplaysSupport for charts beyond basic bar and pie charts and analytical techniques

Interactive Smart Data Visualization tools enable users to identify relationships, patterns, trends and opportunities and to explore detailed data with simple drill down and drill through capabilities. These tools help the organization to integrate and make sense of data from all sources, with a guided approach that allows for swift completion of analysis and reduces the time required for data discovery. Perhaps most importantly, these tools do all of this without the need for programmer or visualization expert or analyst or data scientist intervention or knowledge.

Smart Data Visualization goes beyond data display to suggest options for visualization and plotting for certain types of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trends inherent in the data, so users can leverage sophisticated tools in an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, with no advanced skill requirement or technical knowledge.

Go beyond data monitoring to 'discover' subtle and important factors that will identify issues and patterns, and help the organization capitalize on opportunities. Contact Us today to find out how you can simplify business intelligence gathering and analysis with sophisticated smart data visualization and tools. Email us at

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