Self-Serve Data Preparation

Access, Understand and Prepare Data in a Self-Serve Environment

Nothing is better than 'self-serve'. You get what you want, when you want it. You can control the data elements, the volume and the timing. Self-Service Business Intelligence tools provide easy to use tools so that business users can prepare their data on their own without the assistance of IT staff.

Self-Serve Data Preparation is a crucial component of Advanced Data Discovery that allows business users to perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own. Users are not restricted to complex tools or forced to wait for programmers or data scientists. Self-Service Data Preparation empowers business users and allows them to perform tasks, make decisions and recommendations quickly and with unprecedented agility.

Rather than preparing data at the central meta-data layer, and restricting what business users can do and see, IT enabled (rather than IT controlled), self-serve data preparation and business intelligence puts meaningful views of data in the hands of business users. It enables the average business user to access and use sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to compile and prepare data and use that data in their analytics to test hypotheses, perform visualization and create and share reports, and create custom alerts and other information.

Citizen Data Scientists Rule!

Citizen Data Scientists Rule!

Transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists with self-serve data preparation tools that allow users to compile and analyze data and test theories and prototypes to support dynamic decisions and planning on their own.

ElegantJ BI Empowers Users with Self-Serve Data Preparation

ElegantJ BI Self-Serve Data Preparation empowers business users with access to meaningful data to test theories and hypotheses without the assistance of data scientists or IT staff.

Access to Crucial Data and InformationConnect to various data sources - personal, external, cloud, IT provisioned

Mash Up and Integrate DataIntegrated data from multiple data sources accessible in a single, uniform, interactive view

Smart DiscoveryLeverage Smart Suggestions with auto-suggested relationships, JOINs, type casts, hierarchies, etc.

Pristine Data Will Clarify AnalysisClean, reduce and clarify data so that it is easier to use and interpret the data for analysis

Easy-to-Use, Sophisticated AlgorithmsUtilize integrated statistical algorithms like binning, clustering, and regression for noise reduction, and trend and pattern identification.

Balance Agility with GovernancePromote data and reports created by business users to IT provisioned/approved data sources, and identify IT provisioned approved data sources with clear watermarks to ensure balance between agility, governance and data quality.

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