Deep Dive - Discover the data that matters

Conventionally, monitoring analytics has been passed off as an effective Business Intelligence Solution. It is also called Visual Analytics, which is performed by drilling up and down data while filtering it. This process is particularly limited.

Imagine that you want to find out why a particular branch is not performing. Expense, sales, salaries, customer analytics, profitability, and their combination will be needed for answers, but this is an impossible task in a preconfigured dashboard that provides you with just filtering, drill down and drill up, and similar operations.

ElegantJ BI has the flexibility to let you dive into your data and ask difficult questions and solve complex problems. ElegantJ BI offers ad hoc analysis with a large range of data operations that allows you to explore and discover value from your data.

Deep Dive analysis makes a visible impact for decision-making, which is a far more critical need for any manager.

ElegantJ BI – Deep Dive, Discover the data that matters

Some of the key advantages of Deep Dive analytics include the following:

Analyze data for any time period and compare ad hoc time periods. No limits on how you use date and time. Monitoring dashboards are usually limited to two to three predefined options for a time series

Monitoring dashboards cannot bring in new data. For example, while analyzing sales, you cannot add information from finance or inventory, but Deep Dive analysis makes this possible

Deep Dive analysis allows you to make cross tabs with filters and data operations, allowing you to ask any questions on the fly to make decisions

Monitoring and Visual Analytics have predefined dimensions. Your queries and analysis are limited to these. Deep Dive Analytics, however, allows you to choose dimensions and measures for analysis on fly

Filtering, sorting, and manipulating data is predefined in a monitoring dashboard. In Deep Dive analytics, you can do this on your own based on the problem you are trying to solve. Many filters on unlimited dimensions. Drill into the data the way you want

Add columns, compare disconnected time periods, add columns with computed data, rank, filter, sort, change data operations, change summary operations and groups, and much more — the way you want

ElegantJ BI – key advantages of Deep Dive analytics
  • Do not let your business decision be restricted by a predefined dashboards
  • Explore the data as your mind would want to
  • Discover Deep Dive with ElegantJ BI
  • The powerful and intuitive user interface is ready for any user to reach the data that matters
  • Discover your Business. Discover Deep Dive