For Your Applications

ElegantJ BI has designed Ready to use BI Applications to meet the needs of your business function and industry. These off-the-shelf BI templates include meta data definitions, dashboards, KPIs and reports, designed by industry, domain and BI solution design experts to give your BI initiative a quick start. Your organization can start using these ready-to-use tools and use the ElegantJ BI plug n’ play functionality and self-serve features and functionality to further customize the solution for your needs.

Whether your team or organization has specific business intelligence needs for industry, business function, application integration or to suit the needs of a particular enterprise size, ElegantJ BI will meet and exceed your expectations. Contact Us or email us at today to find out how we can help you with ready-to-use BI tools and solutions to jump start your business intelligence initiative.

ElegantJ BI for Tally

SmartenApps For Tally®

Tally is a world-renowned accounting and financial solution used by millions of businesses in South Asia, Middle East, Far East and Africa. SmartenApps for Tally is a Business Intelligence and Analytics Reporting solution that is seamlessly integrated with Tally Solutions ERP. With SmartenApps for Tally, business users can access Tally ERP Solutions data, Tally Reports and Tally Business Intelligence on iOS or Android via mobile application or web portal via browser-based access to display dashboards, KPIs, reports and more! This seamless access provides traditional and modern business intelligence and augmented analytics tools including key business parameters, e.g., Sales, Purchase, Payable & Receivable, Income & Expense, Cash & Bank and Duties and Taxes, and monthly trends. Also includes Top and Bottom Analysis, Contribution Analysis, and KPI analysis of these key indicators. SmartenApps for Tally includes intuitive, sophisticated features designed for use by business users to improve clarity and help users make confident decisions.

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ElegantJ BI for Tally

SmartenApps for Microsip®

in partnership with IndicadoresPYME

Data-Driven Decisions, Near Real-Time Access, Intuitive Analysis, Web and Native Mobile App Access
With SmartenApps for Microsip®, business users in the Mexico market gain access to BI for Microsip and insight into data contained within the Microsip ERP solution. Team members can analyze key business indicators with relevant data and intuitive analytics. SmartenApps for Microsip provides seamless analytics integration and fact-based decision-making. SmartenApps for Microsip offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern business intelligence features, KPIs and Geo Maps for detailed analysis.

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ElegantJ BI and SAP connectivity

For SAP®

ElegantJ BI provides a foundation for integration with SAP® – your popular enterprise application, provides organizations with ease of access to organizational data. Users can leverage easy-to-use features of ElegantJ BI to analyze data, and produce reports and dashboards on their own without dependence on IT. The ElegantJ BI Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) connection to SAP allows for access to data within SAP. Users can select a BAPI and then select from a list of available output columns, with simple drag n’ drop functionality in a 100% browser based, self-serve interface. Capitalize on familiar SAP tools and expand usage of analytical tools throughout the business to support thousands of business users and democratize data analysis using ElegantJ BI features and SAP connectivity.

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Custom Applications

Custom Applications

ElegantJ BI provides connectivity for CSV/Excel® files and most RDBMS, e.g., Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server, IBM® DB2, MySQL®, Sybase ASE®, PostgreSQL®, and Amazon Redshift® via JDBC/ODBC connectivity. ElegantJ BI business intelligence solutions can be connected to RDBMS using our ready-to-use connections to easily integrate data from custom applications or enterprise products

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