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ElegantJBI ISV partner for Tally Business Intelligence

ElegantJ BI - BI and Reporting Tool for Tally®

If you are a Tally® user, you know that you and your team love Tally®, and power of adhoc data mining and visualisation can take your organisation to a next level.Your reporting needs are never-ending, and the need for ad hoc data mining and visualisation is enormous. Your top executives need to monitor summary results and key performance indicators, and sales managers may need information on weekly sales, targets, and receivables.

Tally Architecture Diagram

ElegantJ BI - Reporting and Business Intelligence Tool for Tally

Your struggle

Never ending need for new reports

Stakeholders and partners demanding spreadsheets and reports in new formats

No access to data or information while away from office

No integration with other systems and spreadsheets, so no consolidated snap shot view

Worried about security and accuracy data and reports

Dependence on third party for reports

High cost of maintenance and development of reports

Difficult to implement performance driven culture to take your organization to next level

ElegantJ BI - Business Intelligence Software for Tally

The ElegantJ BI Solution

A Complete Business Intelligence Solution for Tally®

Comes ready with pre built, ready dashboards, KPI and reports

Ready with critical monitoring of business parameters and performance indicators

Ready to design any report, any dashboard or KPI as per your business need

ElegantJ BI - BI Software for Tally

The Opportunity

Get started with one day implementation and training

Save money and end reliance on any third party for reports

Self-serving BI environment, create your dashboards, reports and KPIs on your own, without need of any programmers or third party consultants

Effectively manage and monitor your business through accurate data and snapshot view of consolidated data from various applications and spreadsheets

Explore visual data mining (deep diving); drill down, drill through, slice and dice your data in tabular and graphs format

Use cutting edge Business Intelligence software powered by power features like KPI analytics and Deep Dive to run your business

Access your data anywhere, anytime on your desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones

Implement performance driven culture in your organization and be ready for the next stage

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