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ElegantJ BI for Tally has evolved! The new SmartenApps for Tally solution offers new, more flexible features, reporting and user access via Mobile App or Web Portal with Augmented Analytics and easy-to-use Business Intelligence tools in a mobile environment! SmartenApps for Tally migrates on premises access to a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) environment with hassle-free managed services and no server costs or maintenance required. SmartenApps for Tally provides out-of-the-box ease of access and user friendly features, with no implementation, installation or training required and will help you expand, integrate and understand your business data with mobile access and mobile Tally application interaction and navigation.

With SmartenApps for Tally®, users gain insight into data using a myriad of value-added tools and features. The app provides the value of analytics integration and fact-based decision-making.

Users can download and register for SmartenApps for Tally® and use Tally data to analyze, explore and clarify. Choose from one of three flexible pricing plans (Web, Mobile or Web & Mobile) to suit your needs. Explore the features, free trial opportunity, pricing, and user benefits of the new SmartenApps for Tally solution!

Accredited by Gartner and recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use analytics, Smarten offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern business intelligence features, and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help you sustain a competitive edge.

Benefits of SmartenApps for Tally

  • Users have near real-time access to recent transactions and data to gain insight into BI for Tally data and results
  • Web and Mobile access allows for intuitive analysis and meaningful business intelligence for Tally data
  • Users can access the SmartenApps for Tally using web and native mobile app user experience and Tally Reports
  • SmartenApps for Tally extends the office environment with Tally Dashboards
  • SmartenAppsand for Tally allows for swift analysis and decisions from anywhere
  • Hassle free, mobile and web access with no training, implementation or installation required
  • Software-as-a-Service (Saas) subscription plans and access
  • The SmartenApps for Tally is free to use for 30 days with simple, affordable licensing fees thereafter
  • Start-up is easy, within a few minutes
  • Support is readily available

SmartenApps for Tally provides value out-of-the-box with analytics, dashboards and reports that include an Overview, Sales & Purchase, Bank and Cash, Payables and Receivables, Inventory, Taxes, Cost Center, Ledger, Drill-Down, Accounts Statements, and Reports.

How It Works

The SmartenApps for Tally is founded on elegant, simple and secure technology and architecture.

How SmartenApps for Tally Works

On-premises Tally installation is connected to the Desktop App
Desktop App connects to secured cloud server to push data at predefined frequency
Native mobile app communicates with the cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports
All interaction and transactions are secure

SmartensApps for Tally – Mobile App Interface

SmartenApps for Tally – Web Sample Analyses

Get started NOW with a free trial! Explore pricing, and user benefits of the new SmartenApps for Tally solution!

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