ElegantJ BI Advanced Data Discovery and SAP® connectivity

ElegantJ BI reimages business intelligence and augmented analytics with a different approach to data access, dependability, mobility and the user experience.

ElegantJ BI is user-centric with a focus on business users and a foundation of self-serve tools to support user adoption with Advanced Data Discovery so users can quickly and easily prepare and analyze data, and visualize and explore data, notate and highlight data and share data with others.

ElegantJ BI integration with SAP® – your popular enterprise application, provides organizations with ease of access to organizational data. Users can leverage the sophisticated, easy-to-use features of the ElegantJ BI suite to analyze data and produce reports and dashboards on their own without dependence on IT or analytical staff.

The ElegantJ BI connection to SAP is created by leveraging Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) to access data within SAP. Users simply select a BAPI and then select from a list of columns available as output from that BAPI. Then they can consume this data with simple drag n’ drop functionality in a 100% browser based, self-serve interface. Organizations that have implemented SAP solutions can leverage familiar tools and expand usage of business intelligence and analytical tools throughout the organization to support hundreds or thousands of business users and democratize data analysis using ElegantJ BI features and SAP connectivity.

Organizations can leverage the benefits and simplicity of ElegantJ BI and access enterprise data stored within the SAP solution. Access through the ElegantJ BI solution assumes enterprise understanding and compliance with SAP licensing terms and conditions.

The ElegantJ BI connection to SAP is seamless and easy to use. Simply install the required BAPI on SAP, then start the ElegantJ BI SAP connection wizard from within the ElegantJ BI solution to connect to SAP. View and select a BAPI from a list of available BAPI and pass query parameters, then select columns and start building your dashboard or report in no time. It's that simple!

Discover ElegantJ BI augmented analtyics

ElegantJ BI Connects to SAP with Elegance and Ease

A seamless BAPI connection to SAP allows users to leverage the ElegantJ BI interface to gather, analyze and report in minutes

The installation process takes less than a day and is simple and intuitive

Users do not need special skills to analyze data or create reports or dashboards

ElegantJ BI provides unmatched technical support, free webinars, and a knowledge base and support portal

Tools are 100% browser-based and adaptive and require no programming or scripting skills

ElegantJ BI Self-Serve Business Intelligence and Ease-of-Use for SAP Users

ElegantJ BI Self-Serve Business Intelligence and Ease-of-Use for SAP Users

A Complete ElegantJ BI Solution with Access to Familiar SAP Tools

Access to powerful tools and a self-serve business intelligence solution

Encourages Social BI and meaningful collaboration

Pre-built, out-of-the-box dashboards, KPI and reporting

Simple, rapid implementation

Design once, use anywhere on any device

Flexible self-serve reporting and data sharing to encourage user adoption and clear understanding of data

Analytics and reports to serve the maximum number of users in the minimum time

Analytics delivered from existing BAPI (no other ETL required)

A powerful, Gartner-recognized business intelligence and analytical solution

Transparent, cost-effective licensing (with no hidden costs)



Rapid, easy implementation and training

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Tools designed to support a large data volume and a large user community working from any device

If you need self-serve business intelligence tools and advanced analytics with flexible connections and seamless SAP integration, Contact Us today. We encourage technology and IT consulting firms to explore our valuable partnerships and discover the ways in which we can support your SAP customers. For more information, email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com.

*SAP is a trademark of SAP SE, a company providing software, service offering, packaged application and solutions, component, technology and tools

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