BI for Toll Plaza Management

India Highway Toll Plaza Mgt Co. Selects ElegantJ BI to Provide Centralized, Timely Data and BI Tools

A leading, India-based Highway Toll Plaza Management Company selected ElegantJ BI business intelligence products and services to help them create a central data warehouse system with validated, timely data from all toll plazas and provide a BI solution for uniform multidimensional information architecture. The business had a crucial need to achieve timely data compilation and analysis in order to identify revenue loss, track exempted vehicles, and VIP passage for audit and security compliance. The company also wanted to empower business users with self-serve BI to ensure statutory compliance and organizational performance.

ElegantJ BI provided ready-to-use toll plaza management templates that helped the business implement the BI solution quickly and easily, and satisfied all functional and technical needs providing a centralized BI solution for the organization. The ElegantJ BI team helped the organization to consolidate data from toll plazas, validate and improve data quality and design a central data warehouse with multi-dimensional cubes to leverage dashboards, KPIs, analytical features and reporting functionality. A simple, user-friendly interface allows the users to leverage the BI solution without the need for programming or analytical expertise.

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