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Today’s pharmaceutical companies are large and complex with a critical need for information and data. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of research and development, regulatory compliance requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, clinical trials, ingredients and dosage information, doctor and patient information and more.

Increasing raw material costs and declining profit margins combine with government regulatory compliance policies to create a nearly impossible juggling act for even the most sophisticated manufacturing enterprise.

Developing a pharmaceutical product for sale involves human resource allocation and skills and knowledge management, the expense of managing the patients and practitioners involved in clinical trials and a protracted time to market with the need for constant data management and analysis. Test data may cross geographical and cultural boundaries, and require data analysis and communication in various languages and across multiple enterprise systems and platforms. Once a drug or pharmaceutical product has been tested, the enterprise must obtain approval from regulatory agencies and work within strict parameters with less margin for error.

How does Business Intelligence (BI) support the pharmaceutical enterprise? The answer is simple. The ElegantJ BI business intelligence and corporate performance management (CPM) solutions go beyond simple enterprise reporting. Our solutions provide the ability to quickly and easily implement Business Intelligence across the enterprise in a simple, practical, affordable, browser-based environment. Business Intelligence Software, ElegantJ BI is accessible to every user and can be used to support strategic, tactical and operational goals and to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to objectively measure performance. Users can view and manage data in a simple dashboard environment to manage quality control, receive notice of quality issues, target and manage sales, supply and distribution and supplier and network relationships.

Powerful personalised dashboards and custom automated alerts enable the business user to stay abreast of the most recent information and notify the user immediately when a critical threshold has been crossed. Users can leverage features like slice and dice, drill through, forecasting and predictive analysis and many other features to analyse, display and share information in an intuitive way using charts, graphs, gauges, and graphical OLAP – all within an environment that easily integrates data from multiple systems and sources.

If you need a rich, intuitive, easy-to-learn, personalised environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at

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