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Production Planning & Control - Data driven production for delivering your promise to your customer

ElegantJ BI – BI Tool for Production Planning & Control

If production is to run smoothly within the enterprise, the organisation must effectively manage and control raw materials, work-in-progress, suppliers, shipments and finished goods, as well as production facilities, equipment, and resources.

Efficient, optimised production management and production planning also depends on order execution and on accurate shipping and sales forecasts. The organisation must have a concise, up-to-date view of product demand well in advance of the product need, so that the team can plan production schedules, accommodate maintenance and repair of equipment, and shift and resource allocations, thereby reducing downtime and balancing equipment and shift load.

In most organisations, the production planning and control process incorporates information from several enterprise applications and data sources. The disintegrated view of information and data can make it extremely difficult to establish accurate goals and plans and to achieve targets and forecasts and sustain customer satisfaction and production and sales objectives.

True business intelligence can provide the answer to production planning and control for every organisation – no matter how large or small, no matter the product or industry. With simple, practical usability that is suitable for every user, the organisation can offer Business Intelligence to every business user and enable personalised, meaningful data delivery and reporting, including features like slice and dice, drill down, drill up, drill through, simplified forecasting and predictive analysis functionality using complex – easy-to-use – algorithms. Team members involved in production planning and control can analyse shifts and resources, assess quality issues, shipments, inventory, parts and supplies, suppliers, equipment and facility maintenance needs, sales plans and forecasts and seasonal fluctuations and new product and product upgrade or feature change requirements.

There is no guess work involved! You can create metrics and KPI Dashboards to monitor and analyse plans and control factors and you can receive automated alerts to notify you when a threshold has been crossed or a critical issue arises. You can share reports and information with other users with clear, concise graphs, charts, gauges and displays to depict results. Production planning optimisation and production control have never been easier. With Business Intelligence Tool, decisions are made quickly and with confidence and critical production issues are evident before they become a problem!

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