Business Intelligence - Architecture, Data Sources, Integration

Business Intelligence - Architecture, Data Sources, Integration

Driving Principles

Simplicity Make product design simple to use and reach

Independence Give customers the freedom to choose other platforms and options

Scalability Should grow as use and reach expand

Comprehensive Should include all aspects that put the “I” in Business Intelligence

No Maintenance Should not have any other cost for maintaining and running the application

Deployment Deploy On Premise in your own IT infrastructure Or on your Cloud – Amazon, Microsoft Azure or other Private Clouds

Mobile BI with Responsive User Interface

ElegantJ BI is designed with adaptive and responsive user interface that renders UI elements based on resolution of the target device. You do not need to design different dashboards or BI objects for different devices.

‘Design once, Use anywhere’ concept in true sense.

Have unique user experience with 100% browser based interface on any device, any resolution – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones.

Mobile BI with Responsive User Interface

Data Sources

System Connection

Your enterprise data resides in many forms and formats, and connecting to these data sources is key to anlaysing this data in ElegantJ BI. You can connect to various data sources like databases, OLAP cubes and spread sheets using simple wizard based connection interface in ElegantJ BI. ElegantJ BI can connect to various data sources.

Data Files: Spreadsheets and CSV files
Databases: RDBMS with valid JDBC or ODBC drivers
OLAP cubes: Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
Small Business Apps: Tally®
Enterprise Apps: SAP®

Choose the Cube Management Option that is Best for YOU!
Real-time cube management lets users connect to data sources in real time, and compiles data for fast performance to deliver real time analytics. Cached cube management caches data into cubes and performs pre-aggregation and other computations for superior performance and analytics, refreshing data from data sources at a defined frequency.

Powerful 'R' integration for predictive analytics

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence solution integrates seamlessly with R, the popular open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing, allowing users to integrate any R script with input and output configuration both to and from R script and the ElegantJ BI suite. Users have access to a full suite of self-serve visualization and analytical tools to present and share results from R script in a report, on a dashboard, with interactive graphs, and in ad hoc reporting, cross-tab reports and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Users do not need extensive training or knowledge to leverage the R script integration. In a matter of minutes, a user can leverage forecasting, classification, clustering or any other statistical and predictive algorithms from R Script using self-serve visualization and reporting tools from ElegantJ BI.

R Integration

Integrate ElegantJ BI into your App

API Integration

You can start delivering embedded analytics into your applications with little efforts, and offer awesome analytics, dashboards, KPI and ad hoc reporting to your users from within your application in minutes…

Easy to integrate, takes few minutes

Only basic technical skills required

Multiple integration options – Javascript, Web Services

Integrate with most programming languages including Java, PHP, .NET

Industry standard Encryption option for security

Integration with authentication directories – LDAP and AD

Integration with your application authentication mechanism - SSO

Web Services API for Administration and Access rights configuration

Awesome support from our technical team to help you with your integration

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