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ElegantJ BI was conceived and developed by Elegant MicroWeb whose team has been building groundbreaking products for the industry since 1996. The company started operations in 1996 and began building a JAVA development tool that did not require a single line of code to be written. Since those days, the company has made report writer, pdf publisher, graphing and charting tools, collection of JAVA beans from networking to database connectivity, graphs and much more.

The products have been used by such reputed customers as World Bank, Cisco, HP, Honeywell, and many other giants in technology. The Business Intelligence product was built by a core team of BI and DWH consultants and business analysts who worked closely with a team of engineers. All members drew on their experience to redefine the application of Business Intelligence tools. The company is driven by principles of building the best team to make unique, simple-to-use, and affordable products that have an impact on business.

Kartik Patel, Founder & CEO - ElegantJ BI

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

For the past 18 years, he has been leading a team of technocrats to build unique software products, providing services, and building sustaining partnerships across the globe. A few of the key groundbreaking developments that he has spearheaded include the creation of Java Development Tools and libraries, Enterprise Business Applications, and an ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence solution powered by unique Managed Memory Computing.

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect - ElegantJ BI

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect

An engineer and a software architect, team member since foundation, and head of technology, he is the mind that put the soul in ElegantJ BI. A mind that can zoom from the widest landscape of technology to a microlevel understanding of the code is the engineer behind this unique technology.

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Delivery Manager - ElegantJ BI

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team Builder and Delivery Manager

Absorbing the needs to deliver delight which lights up customers’ eyes.

The Team — Engineers, Business Analysts, Sales and Support

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We are always looking for thinkers, innovators, designers, coders, database experts, ETL / DWH experts, MIS developers, ERP implementators, BI experts or Sales & Marketing team members. So if you see yourself as a part of a team where you can create and grow, send your CV to and we will have a chat.