BI for Equity, Commodity and Currency Brokerage

Analyze Volumes, Identify Trends and Discover Customers

Business Intelligence for Equity, Commodity and Currency Brokerage

The stock equity, investment, commodity and currency exchange brokerage and trading markets are complex and competitive, and rife with government and international regulations. Ever-changing technologies and platforms, evolving customer demands, rapid industry and market movement, unanticipated shifts and trend, and changing macro and micro economics contributes to the challenges of managing a business in this industry.

Customers are more sophisticated than ever and they demand measurable results, and appropriately skilled, experienced resources to protect their investments and provide timely recommendations and reporting. The investment, hedge fund, stock brokerage, commodity and currency industry is growing faster than ever before with more players in the market., more specialization and a growing investor base. Companies have to manage growing volumes of data and customers along with increasing industry and government regulations regarding data privacy and security and rules and regulations that comprise and control trade and information disclosure.

New trade and exchange markets and trading types and products are evolving every day, and that is a challenge. The volume of transactions and customers is increasing. Competition in these markets is increasing with new brokerage firms, and international players entering the market. All of those factors add more challenges to the business and these challenges are compounded by the sheer volume of data and ever-increasing number of data sources. The need to gather, sort, filter and analyze data in a concise manner is more critical than ever.

To be a successful brokerage and trading business, an enterprise must establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. It must identify, attract and support profitable customers, improve operations at the grass roots level, and achieve true business intelligence to understand and improve performance and predict and forecast results based on trends and business patterns. A suitable, practical, simple and affordable Business Intelligence solution must meet and exceed expectations and address and overcome the obstacles of data management in these industries.

A simple, practical, affordable, and mobile business intelligence solution will provide numerous benefits and competitive advantages and allow the business to:

Integrate and manage disparate data sources and applications, to provide a single, personalized view of data and achieve one version of quality, accessible data across the organization

Perform root cause assessment, and identify trends and patterns and accurately forecast results

Monitor and manage huge data volumes in an intuitive, simple environment

Enable average users to view data, analyze and create reports without the assistance of IT staff or analysts

Perform timely, rapid data consolidation to satisfy the need for data for market opening and closing

Achieve a flexible reporting environment to produce standard, new and ad-hoc reports, track key performance indicators (KPIs)

View and analyze personalized dashboards to satisfy the unique roles and function of each employee

Provide self-serve reporting and dashboards for individuals, teams, departments, divisions, branches and global locations across a large number of users

Achieve fine-grained data analysis and multi-layered access and data security

Monitor and improve customer satisfaction and communication to personalize service and offerings

Monitor and manage critical government compliance to protect confidential and private data

Identify trends to determine where the market is going, and where the trades are happening, and anticipate market share, reach profitable customers, manage branch and business partner performance, understand profits against volumes, identify credit risks, and manage payment consolidations

ElegantJ BI Provides Flexible, Personalized Analysis and Reporting

ElegantJ BI can address the challenges of a complex brokerage business and provide user-friendly, intuitive tools for every member of the business team. Simple, comprehensive data integration and reporting tools ensure that the brokerage business can achieve and sustain timely reporting and can identify issues before they become problems. The business can then identify trends and patterns, and leverage impact and sensitivity analysis to better plan and forecast. Forecasting and predictive analysis tools will assist the enterprise in creating a clear, concise strategy and achieving business success, thereby improving customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

The ElegantJ BI solution includes intuitive, personalized dashboards, alerts, publishing and reporting features to satisfy changing reporting requirements, and provide data democratization to the various types of trades and business lines, e.g., cash delivery stocks, F&O for stocks, currency, and commodities. With ElegantJ BI, you can quickly define and monitor critical analysis and KPIs to improve performance.

Volume by segments, business networks, geographies

Volume growth by segments, business network, geographies

Assets under Management (AUM)

Brokerage by segments, business network, geographies

Brokerage growth by segments, business network, geographies

New accounts and clients

Active clients

Market Share Compared to Overall Trade Volumes

KPIs for geographies, branches, teams, franchises, and business associate performance

The numerous, sophisticated features of ElegantJ BI provide support for confident, timely decision across the organization

Consolidation of data from various data sources

Concise, Quality Data

Timely Processing of Data and Reports

Ad-hoc Reporting

BI Democratization for All Users

Strict Access Control and Security Rights

Publish Personalized Reports & Dashboards via Email

The ElegantJ BI mobile, browser-based, self-serve solution will satisfy the needs of local, regional or international law firms and will support business intelligence and reporting needs for these brokerage firms and their franchise and business partner network.

Find out how the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool can help your company to grow and sustain your business. Your team can make better business decisions, capitalize on strengths and opportunities, address business risks and challenges, and correct business weaknesses to achieve continuous improvement and market success. Contact us via email, phone or fax. Contact us now.

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