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Business Intelligence for Social Media and Internet Marketing

Gathering and analyzing social media business intelligence may sound like an impossible task. While every business manager and executive knows they must leverage social media to market to prospects, and keep customers engaged, these same managers and executives find it difficult to measure the success of social media and internet marketing programs. Without these objective metrics, it is difficult to justify the efforts and investments of internet marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

As with any business program or project, if the business cannot illustrate the need for, and success of, a proposed program, it is unlikely that management will approve that program. The business is not likely to spend time and resources on social media, or other internet marketing programs, based solely on the fact that its competitors use internet marketing to reach their target audience. So, it is critical to find a way to measure the success of an internet marketing campaign, and to determine whether social media marketing, pay-per-click and SEO efforts provide the success your business requires in order to justify these efforts. Moreover, if these programs do not achieve results, the business must correct or change its approach to achieve appropriate ROI.

Social media is a crucial component of market success in today’s interactive culture and economy. With an ever-increasing user base and ever-expanding social media platforms, the focus on marketing, advertising and product and market analysis must include internet marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Customers and prospects are focused on various personal, consumer, community and business topics and they find, share and express this focus using social media.

In order to understand the success of social media marketing, and the trends and patterns in customer buying behavior, a business can use a business intelligence solution to interpret the activity feeds from various social media networks and analytics engines, and analyze visits, clicks, conversions, likes, shares, tags, timing and, also the underlying demographics and geographies of the participants. This analysis will help the business to understand the popularity of a topic or product, and the demographics and geographies of the potential audience, and to track various activities and campaigns to goal conversions.

Most of this data is structured, and can be analyzed by exporting or integrating social media and analytics engines using BI tools, and performing various analytical operations and visualizations with slice and dice, drill down, drill through, filtering and other analytical operations. The content generated and written by users on various social media platforms is not structured, and to access and analyze this data, a business must apply semantic analytics to derive quantifiable data from these unstructured data and make confident decisions. To achieve a true picture of the business and its customers the enterprise must combine structured and non-structured data to derive overall snapshots, direction, trends and performance of social media and internet marketing campaigns.

ElegantJ BI Provides Comprehensive Analysis of Social Media, Internet Marketing and Results

To capitalize on the popularity of social media and the valuable data contained within these frameworks, a business must integrate social media marketing and internet marketing with offline marketing campaigns and exploit FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + customer outreach opportunities with pay-per-click and search engine techniques. The enterprise must leverage advertising and sponsored opportunities offered by BING, Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

While all of these outreach and advertising sites provide valuable statistical information to help the business understand customer response and results, it is important to have a consolidated view of all these statistics from various data sources. ElegantJ BI can take these results beyond the simple statistical view to provide a consolidated, snapshot view of results, advertising performance, demographic and geographic customer response and interest and overall performance. The powerful, sophisticated tools and features of the ElegantJ BI solution suite are designed to be user-friendly and the solution can be implemented quickly and easily to provide swift ROI, low TCO and rapid user adoption, with minimal training.

The business can use key performance indicators (KPIs), and forecasting and predictive analysis tools, as well as impact and sensitivity analysis to reveal patterns and trends, plan for future campaigns and product and service offerings, and determine the success of a program. This simple, practical, browser-based business intelligence (BI) tool enables the business to gather and objectively measure social media marketing results and validate or change its direction to target specific demographics and geographies.

Find out how the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool can help your company to leverage social media networks, and utilize search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click and internet marketing techniques to grow and sustain your business. Make confident business decisions, validate social media marketing assumptions and capitalize on business strengths and opportunities, to achieve a competitive advantage and market success. Contact ElegantJ BI today, via email, phone or fax. Contact us now.

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