For Your Size - Doesn't matter, you can grow as much as you can dream

ElegantJ BI is designed so that the size of your business is not a factor in your decision-making. Architecture is designed for your growth and flexibility. Works for start-ups as effectively as it works for corporations with 500 branches.

ElegantJ BI architecture is independent from how you choose to grow in terms of managing transaction processing or ERP or CRM or sales management or just the number of users. ElegantJ BI grows with you.

The generic architecture of ElegantJ BI allows you to use it across multiple businesses. Surprise yourself with its flexibility when you are poised for explosive growth across geographies and industries.

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Tool for Small Business

Small Business

For the growing Businesses Providing insights, setting direction, simplifying monitoring

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Tool for Medium Business

Medium Business

For companies taking the next giant leap

ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Tool for Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

Democratise BI without worrying about TCO