Handcuffing Users with Packaged BI Dashboards?

Jun 10, 2015

Business intelligence solutions have come a long way in the past five years with continued innovation and transformation from traditional BI to data visualization and data discovery. With the advent of improved BI tools and accessibility, many businesses are using … Continued

Self-Serve BI Tools: Data Democratization at Its Best

Mar 9, 2015

The business intelligence software market is growing rapidly around the world, and with good reason. Business owners and managers are well aware of the importance of fact-driven, performance-driven business decisions and results. But, there is one thing that many businesses … Continued

Self-Serve BI vs. Scathing Performance Appraisal

Sep 9, 2014

Self-Serve BI vs. Scathing Performance Appraisal That great Business Intelligence solution you got can give you valuable information but, for many organizations, the value of that information is restricted to executives, analysts and IT staff. How much better could your … Continued

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