Win the Day (AND the Decade)… with Mobile, Self-Serve Business Intelligence

Oct 23, 2015

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Don’t Chase Social Media Bot Phantoms! Use Business Intelligence to Focus on Real Customers/Markets

Sep 4, 2014

Have you noticed that it is getting harder to tell the difference between human beings and bots? Bots are getting smarter and more sophisticated, and because they simulate human behavior, it is getting harder to tell the difference between bots … Continued

Three Reasons to Explore Social Media Marketing Using Business Intelligence

Sep 2, 2014

Today, the reach of social media is worldwide and crosses all generations. Every business analyst agrees that an enterprise has to include social media and internet marketing in its strategy, but the experts are still arguing over the possibility of … Continued

Business and Analytical Considerations for Deriving Business Intelligence from Social Media Networks

Jul 23, 2014

In our previous article, entitled ‘The Provocative Possibilities of Combining Business Intelligence and Social Media‘, we talked in generalities about the opportunities of combining BI with Social Media to better leverage the potential of social media networks and internet marketing … Continued

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