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White Paper: Making the Case for Embedded BI and Analytics

by |
Oct 28, 2021

When a business considers business intelligence and augmented analytics initiatives, it should include Embedded BI and Integration APIs to improve ROI, TCO and user adoption. If an enterprise does not understand the risks of data silos, and restrictive analytics solutions, … Continued

Hand-in-Hand To Business Success: Data Democratization and BI

Sep 16, 2014

Like every other type of business application today, Business Intelligence Solutions must be mobile in order to meet the demands of the user base. Every business must recognize the reality of the mobile society in which we live and, whether … Continued

Love Sales Conversion and Numbered Lists? This Article is For You!

Sep 15, 2014

People love numbered lists! The internet is chock full of articles, blogs and forums regaling us with numbered lists of important business factors and ways to beat the competition. With titles like, ‘The Five Best Ways to Attract New Customers’, … Continued

Nuts to Site Traffic! BI, KPIs and SMM Give You the Power of Conversion!

Sep 12, 2014

I’ll just come right out and say it! All key performance indicators (KPIs) that are meant to drive performance (and all KPIs should do just that) must be linked to goal conversion. If they are not, then your metrics are … Continued

Picking the Right KPIs for Content Marketing Takes Thought

Sep 11, 2014

It is important to measure – but you have to measure the right things. Metrics must ultimately tell the tale of business success or failure and drive you to stay the course or alter your path. Article Source: http://ow.ly/BmFpF

What’s the Buzz? Social Media and Business Intelligence Do Mix!

Sep 11, 2014

Many organizations are struggling to find meaning in the social media market and to determine the value of social media marketing to customers. In fact, the enterprise that utilizes a business intelligence (BI) solution to slice and dice unstructured data … Continued

Get Rid of the Mud and the Snails and Get Results with Integrated BI

Sep 10, 2014

Information can move at the speed of light or at a snail’s pace within an organization, and that information can be as crystal-clear as a mountain stream or as muddy as a country field after a rainstorm. The quality and … Continued

India Natural Gas Studies Energy Requirements

Sep 9, 2014

Business Intelligence forecasting and predictive analysis is crucial to this type of business and can effectively and accurately predict patterns and trends, as well as the need for new infrastructure, demand growth, etc. Article Source: http://ow.ly/Bh4LH

Self-Serve BI vs. Scathing Performance Appraisal

Sep 9, 2014

Self-Serve BI vs. Scathing Performance Appraisal That great Business Intelligence solution you got can give you valuable information but, for many organizations, the value of that information is restricted to executives, analysts and IT staff. How much better could your … Continued

The Story of Mr. Singh – Part One: BPO Project Success Driven by Business Intelligence

Sep 5, 2014

The coffee urn was nearly empty and the team was still knee-deep in problems. Mr. Singh was trying to export data from his CRM solution and other systems into an excel spreadsheet to create a report that would offer analytical … Continued

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