Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths

Myth #1 – All ‘Self-Serve’ BI Tools Are Suitable for Business Users

The business intelligence tools market is crowded with all manner of tools today, creating a lot of confusion and making it difficult for businesses to sort through the promises and claims. If you find it difficult to sort through the buzz and choose the right BI tools, we are here to help.

The information presented in this articles series, entitled ‘Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths’, will break down the market myths in the BI tools market, and help you to sort through the confusion to make the right choice for your business.

In the first of this seven-article series, we will focus on Myth #1; one of the most persistent and misleading myths in the business intelligence market, namely that ‘Every BI Tool Empowers Business Users’.

In order to understand and debunk this myth, you must first understand that traditional Self-Serve BI tools have a restrictive architecture, and it is this restrictive architecture that often prevents an organization from achieving its self-serve BI goals and initiatives. These desktop-based solutions have:

  • connectivity to a variety of data sources
  • great visualization of data
  • developer tools and a designer interface to allow for design and development of dashboards, charts and reports

BUT, these desktop based tools are typically designed for developers and for technical users with technical skills. They are NOT designed for business users. So, if your enterprise has undertaken a self-serve BI initiative in an attempt to empower and hold business users accountable for results and corporate contribution, these tools will not help your business meet its goals.

When an enterprise chooses a desktop-based business intelligence solution, it must undertake an extensive development project. Developers design dashboards and other BI objects, and publish these dashboards to a web server, for access by business users. The resulting browser based interface is restrictive and results in ‘static packaged dashboards’ offering business users only a few features, like drill down and some filters, with NO ad hoc or interactive capabilities.

So-called ‘self-serve’ desktop-based BI tools do not deliver the intended benefits of true self-serve BI nor do they empower business users. These tools may make developers happy, but they will frustrate business users and negatively impact business results.




Today’s business users are expected to contribute to the bottom line and to find opportunities, solve problems and make decisions that support strategic, operational and tactical goals. Business users constitute more than 80% of the total user base in the average enterprise. If you expect to hold business users accountable for result, you must empower them with personalized tools that offer sophisticated features and the flexibility to create views and reports that are meaningful to their role.

True self-serve, mobile BI is 100% browser based with Deep Dive Analytics capability that lets business users interact with their data without need for technical expertise. It empowers business users by letting them add new data, change data operations, change summary operations, change visualization and layout and even design dashboards, reports and cross tabs without any programming skills. So, the enterprise can please developers AND business users and achieve its self-serve business intelligence goals.

Additional articles in this seven article series will include:

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A Summary of the Myths and Confusion in Business Intelligence

When you debunk the myths of Self-Serve Business Intelligence, you remove the obstacles and your organization can achieve better results, improve the bottom line and enjoy flexible, user-friendly BI tools that will grow with the enterprise and are affordable and simple to use!

Original Source – All Self-Serve BI Tools ARE for Business Users – Myth#1

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