Business Intelligence for Travel Should Offer Support for Every Business UserAnalytics for Travel Businesses Can Provide a Competitive Advantage!

The travel industry is very competitive! As the market and customer needs change, every business competing in the travel industry faces price wars, competitive promotional campaigns, travel safety and security issues, round the clock service availability and other complicated factors that affect business success.

A travel-related business must have access to up-to-date analysis and information to monitor targets, manage performance, communicate with clients and forecast trends for new product and service offerings. The available data must include complete insight into supply chain information, inventory, product and service performance, competitor pricing and positioning, package tracking, flight and travel activities, schedules, billing and passenger detail.

Business Intelligence for Travel should include out-of-the-box functionality to get the organization started as quickly and effectively as possible. Dashboards for travel should include self-serve features that are suitable for business users at all levels of the organization.

With so many options and choices for vacation, travel, related and services, an enterprise must effectively manage its business and service value and offer new products and services, and innovation to keep pace with customer needs and market trends. Whether your business is an airline, travel agency, tour bus company, commercial cargo, rental car agency or other related business, you have the same need for data. Analysis of current customer feedback and needs and the forecasting of trends are just two of the factors that drive your business. If you are to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and optimize resources, investments, and performance, you need a simple way to view and analyze data and make confident decisions.

Business users should have insight into facilities usage, supplies, schedules, maintenance, equipment, resource allocation, training, hiring, sales, marketing campaigns, revenue, billing, demographics and customer profiles, competition and other factors that impact success and, if properly managed, can offer a competitive advantage. KPI for Travel allows users to establish appropriate key performance indicators, and monitor and manage these metrics to enable objective measurements.

If your business is struggling to accurately plan for resources, competition, changes in customer behavior or other factors of business success, Contact Us to explore BI for Travel and Transportation.

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