Mobile Business Intelligence Software for All DevicesWant Mobile BI That Works on Every Device? I’ve Got It!

Isn’t it annoying to be out on the road on a business trip or at home trying to get some work done and discover that the tools you use in the office do not translate well to the device you have on the road? It is beyond me how software vendors can expect users to accept poor performance, difficult navigation and inappropriate quick fixes or workarounds that are designed to ‘make it work’ and result in user frustration, lost productivity and business delays.

When it comes to business intelligence software, I need a modern BI solution that provides Mobile BI Tools, with seamless performance, scalability and display on any device, and any size screen. Our business looked at a lot of solutions and we chose a solution that took a design once, use anywhere approach. There was no need to customize the solution to it our needs.

This Mobile BI Software allowed us to roll out a large number of users and locations with minimal effort and investment. Our ROI was rapid and our TCO is low which pleased our management team. That’s all great, but the best part of this is that our business users have an easy-to-use, sophisticated business intelligence dashboard that makes it easy to share reports and data and to make confident decisions and they can do it all on any device from anywhere the job may take them.

If you want to gain the same advantage and user-friendly, accessible, mobile business intelligence software, you can get it here: Mobile BI

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