Plug-n-PlayWhat on earth is Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis? It’s not a hot single from a new boy band! It IS a surprisingly simple business intelligence tool that can help you plan, predict, see patterns and trends and allow the average business user to function at a higher level with concise information that will help users to make good decisions. Sound good? It is! Trust me, I use it and it has elevated the work and accuracy of the business decisions made by my team!

We use time series forecasting to predict future values with naïve and weighted averaging, moving averages and many other tools. The team has access to causation and prediction algorithms or linear regressions and they can use classification and prediction with decision trees, K-nearest neighbor techniques and more.

To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, and its internal operations, and better understand the buying behavior of its customers and prospects. Plug n’ play predictive and forecasting tools help businesses to create Citizen Data Scientists by enabling the average business user to leverage sophisticated predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist, so users who are not statisticians or predictive algorithm experts, can leverage self-service plug n’ play predictive tools to confidently make business decisions.

With the right Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis BI tool, you can analyze customers, assess customer churn, find cross-sales opportunities, identify the best business locations for expansion, establish and optimize loyalty programs and make the best pricing and competitive choices.

If that sounds like something your business can use, you’ll want to get in touch with the experts: Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis

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