Ricky’s Nightmare: The BI Tool That Didn’t Satisfy

Those of you who read my blog know that I often gather inspiration from my friends, and sometimes, that inspiration comes with a healthy dose of frustration! I am inspired to help my friends when they are wrestling with a nightmare of information overload or the inability to analyze the information they need to succeed in their organization. One such discussion took place with my friend, Ricky who was trying to gather information for a crucial presentation to the senior executive team.

Ricky uses a business intelligence tool but that tool provides him with a restrictive dashboard, designed and developed by the IT team. While he can perform some filtering and reporting, he is helpless to dive into the data and really find those true nuggets of information. He can’t design his own dashboard or reports; he can’t perform real predictive analysis, and so it is nearly impossible for him to forecast the results for the organization’s new product line and new locations.

What he really needs is a mobile, personalized BI solution that he (and his team) can use to predict seasonality, share and develop reports and capitalize on opportunities and solve problems. THAT would turn his nightmare into a dream come true!

If your data analysis and management is like a bad dream, get help from the experts: Analyze & Predict, For Your Needs

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