Rich Saved the Day with On-the-Fly BI Tools!

I have a lot of friends but not every one of them gets it (if you know what I mean?) All of them understand how important it is to have access to business intelligence and to give access to their teams but, of all my friends, Rich is the only one who really embraced the concept and gave his team true self-serve, device independent BI tools. Because he made that decision, he is now a HERO!

Two weeks ago, Rich and his team were off site at a sales team meeting. Those of you who have been to such events know how all consuming they can be. They were embroiled in charts, graphs, meetings, resource discussions, etc. They were talking about results (the past), planning (the future), but they were NOT talking about the present. Fortunately, Rich had set up thresholds and alerts to notify him of issues. When his biggest customer cancelled an order, he knew about it right away. BUT, before he called that customer he wanted to anticipate the issues and have a solution in hand. With on-the-fly drill down and analytics, he figured out that the customer had to back order items twice and had received three shipments of damaged material.

I won’t bore you with the details of the solution, but I will tell you that Rich’s on-the-fly analysis of data integrated from various sources, allowed him to analyze the issue, prepare for his customer discussion and resolve the problems that caused customer dissatisfaction. SO…he is a HERO! Be a Hero with BI Tools at Your Fingertips.

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