Simplify Your Life (and Your BI Tools) with Easy Implementation!

Is your life simple? I may not know you, but I’ll just bet your answer is ‘no’. If your business is anything like mine, you need more information, in a simple, intuitive format. You need to easily analyze, report on, and share business intelligence AND you need it now! So, you probably don’t have time for a lengthy, expensive business intelligence implementation. You don’t have time to train your team, or wander the halls to ensure user adoption. You don’t have time to sell your management on a crazy customized solution that you will outgrow within six months.

So, what do you do? I’ll tell you! You go for a mobile, self-serve BI tool that will allow you all the flexibility and features you want (and deserve) and ensure an affordable, swift implementation, rapid ROI and low TCO. Right about now, I can almost hear you laughing. “Right, Betsy,” you say. “That sounds great, but it is pie in the sky.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth! You can have BI tools within weeks…not months or years. You can have simple licensing with no hidden costs or restrictions, and no limits on the number of dashboards or KPIs and complete support for growth, great performance and scale.

Want ready, reusable templates for functions like sales, purchasing, finance, inventory, and HR? Want simplicity of design and analytics in a easy a self-service BI environment. There’s no desktop application or plug-in installation, so you can rollout to users across locations in a snap.

Upgrades are easy with no specific installations, no device-dependency and no complexity. You won’t need additional resources or special skills to administer or develop your BI tool, and no support is required from consultants. Choose your own hardware, operating system, and database as per your current systems.

Here’s how to simplify your life: Simplicity Starts Here!!

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