Business Intelligence, Fast ROI, Low TCO: What’s Not to Like

You’re looking to implement a business intelligence solution with some great dashboard software and lots of features and tools like balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), what-if and sensitivity/impact analysis, forecasting, predictive analysis, personalized dashboards, self-serve BI tools, custom alerts, clear, concise reporting, OLAP analysis, and you want it now! I’m happy to be of service.

In addition to the features, and the flexible, integration of other systems and data sources, you’ll need a business intelligence solution with swift ROI and low TCO. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or endure a long, tortuous implementation cycle. BUT, if you are going to get the BI tools you NEED and DESERVE, you’ll need a solution that can be implemented quickly, at an affordable cost, with accessible tools that are simple to use and will ensure user adoption. Your ROI will be swift, your TCO low, and you will be a hero!

Close your eyes and imagine this:

  • Simple licensing – no hidden costs or restrictions.
  • Unlimited number of dashboards or KPIs.
  • Clear pricing to support future growth.
  • Minimal training costs and schedules.
  • VERY short implementation cycle.
  • Self-serve tools – simple enough for every user.
  • Ready, reusable templates for sales, finance, HR, etc.
  • No desktop application or plug-in installation – rollout to all locations immediately.
  • Simple upgrades – no device dependencies.
  • No need for programming or analytical skills.
  • Choose your hardware, OS and DB.
  • High performance, managed memory computing
  • No special reporting development costs or requirements.

Are you with me, so far? Good. Here’s where to go to get BI tools with great ROI and TCO: Business Intelligence ROI

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