I Ain’t No Albert Einstein But I’ve Got Great BI Analytics and Reporting

I mean no offense to the ‘quant jocks’, analysts and programmers, but I hate analytics. I don’t know how algorithms work, I just want good information and I want it fast. I’m not Albert Einstein! I don’t want to learn how to use complicated reporting software or wait for a programmer to design reports that are obsolete by the time I get them. I want to run my business with clear, concise information displayed in a way that is meaningful to my job.

I chose a business intelligence solution that gives me custom, ad hoc, web-based reports that are easy-to-use with a step-by-step wizard process to create professional, precise reports in no time! My business landscape changes daily! No single report format or small group of reports can satisfy my needs. I have to see data in different ways to address various issues. Templates are fine for a standard environment, but what environment is standard today?

I create self-serve reports to meet my needs without waiting for a programmer. I automate publication and delivery of reports via email, to improve productivity and ensure that information reaches the right people at the right time. I can integrate information from various systems and sources and provide precise, cross-tab or tabular, professional reports quickly.

I have cross-tab OLAP Analysis and time series features to sort and view data by year, quarter, month, etc, and a 360° view of my business to provide objective metrics and measurements to quickly and easily see and share results.

So, if you’re like me and you HATE analysis, get an easy, sophisticated system that you can use without the assistance of Albert Einstein! BI Analytics and Reporting Software

Author: Kartik Patel – Founder & CEO

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