Here’s to BI Independence and Data Democratization

A few months ago, I established my own Declaration of Independence! Not the political kind, mind you, but rather the technical kind. As you know, I spend a lot of time writing about Business Intelligence solutions and one thing I am particularly passionate about is protecting my freedom to choose the device or devices I use to access my BI Tools.

You see, I firmly believe that one should have the freedom to choose how and when to use a business intelligence solution, without restriction or the need to change a database, an ERP or CRM system, a device, hardware, or operating systems. I also expect that my BI tool will be suitable for every employee on my team and that it will allow our team members to design and personalize a dashboard, reporting, alerts and other features and functionality to suit their individual needs.

So, you might say that I am picky or stubborn. But, I say that I am simply being realistic. I can’t expect that my company will want to pay for expensive customization or even that they have time to wait for a lengthy implementation or training cycle. We have a business to run, after all. So, yes, you can call me picky or stubborn. But, that’s OK. I have declared my independence and I will not back down! Business Intelligence should be democratized. It should provide self-serve tools that allow everyone to access data from any device and to contribute to the success of the business and have the information they need to make that contribution!

So, stand with me people. Get a BI tool that will help you and your team declare your own independence and live in peace and harmony with complete data democratization! Declare BI Independence

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