I Dream Big! I Want Business Intelligence with EVERYTHING I Can Imagine!

I dream BIG! Because, if you settle for something that is less than you deserve or want, it is a slippery slope. Pretty soon, you will accept anything that even comes close to what you really want and sometimes even things that aren’t remotely what you originally imagined!

When it comes to business intelligence, I take the same approach. My management and business users want every conceivable report, and lots of data with which to make decisions, and I am fairly certain I can’t anticipate what they will want tomorrow, so here’s what I need!

  • The freedom to imagine without limiting my vision within restrictive dashboards or BI reporting modules
  • A Device independent mobile BI tool that is mobile and adapts to desktops, laptops and all manner of smart phones
  • Managed Memory Computing that ensures fast, dependable performance and analysis
  • A BI tool that is flexible enough for my size company, my function and my industry
  • A BI dashboard that is fast and easy to implement, and that my users will love
  • Deep Dive analysis that allows me to visualize and easily discover those ‘ah hah’ moments and crucial nuggets of information
  • Interactive analysis, personalized alerts, and the ability to share information with other users
  • Integrated data from legacy systems, ERP, CRM and even spreadsheets
  • Forecasting, predictive analysis, a KPI dashboard, balanced scorecards, impact and sensitivity analysis and more
  • In short…I need it all…and on MY terms, with great ROI and TCO

That’s not too much to ask for, is it? Like I said, I dream BIG. And guess what? I found what I wanted! A Great BI Tool

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