Self-Serve BI vs. Scathing Performance Appraisal

That great Business Intelligence solution you got can give you valuable information but, for many organizations, the value of that information is restricted to executives, analysts and IT staff. How much better could your business be – how much more functional and successful – if ALL of your users could have access to BI?

Think about that marketing manager who is not achieving results but can’t figure out why. Don’t penalize her in her performance review. That doesn’t do the business any good. Instead, you need to give that marketing manager access to valuable business intelligence and let her easily see the root cause of issues and fix them before they become problems.

Let the marketing manager and every other executive, manager, supervisor and team member see data in a way that is meaningful to them and create a personalized dashboard so they can review, monitor and share data and create customized alerts. If they can see and manage data easily, your organization will truly be collaborative and your decisions will be data and fact driven. Doesn’t that sound better than writing a scathing performance appraisal? It certainly helps the company more!

If you want your team to share the value of integrated, concise information, you need to start here: Self-Serve BI means BI Democratization

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