Dream Big! BI, Graphical OLAP, Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis & Reporting for EVERYONE

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a business paradise in which every one of your business users (and I mean EVERY user) gets up-to-date, accurate information delivered in a clear, concise manner and accessible in the office and on the road. Even better! Every user can use sophisticated analytical features to produce reports and analyze problems, results and opportunities without the assistance of IT staff or a professional analyst. Your users would be more productive, resolve issues more quickly and make course corrections and confident decisions.

Imagine a reporting environment that is easily customized, with ad hoc, web-based reports that are easy-to-use, wizard features and a step-by-step process so users can quickly create professional, precise reports! Users operate in a self-serve environment, with minimal training and produce reports without waiting for the assistance of a programmer. They could automate publication and delivery of reports via email to improve productivity and get information to the right people at the right time. This dynamic reporting environment produces summary, detail, graphics and charts, and reports with ease, perhaps even in different languages.

What about those dry statistics and reports that are hard to read and based on old information? BI Graphical OLAP lets you access disparate data repositories and perform complex data analysis to easily create dynamic graphs, charts and presentations. Your users could leverage Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis with a 360° view of the business and objective metrics to determine whether they are achieving goals and plan numbers. OK, you can open your eyes now! What I just described, is not a dream world. It is available today! All you have to do is pick up the phone!

Dream Big with BI Analytics

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