Don’t Tell Me To Get a Life! I Have One…and it is Better Because of Business Intelligence!

If you read this blog you know that I talk about Business Intelligence (BI). You might say I am obsessed with business intelligence! Before you tell me to get a life…know this…if you DON’T have great business intelligence tools, you are already behind the competition!

You can create a consistent, integrated BI environment no matter how large or small your business; no matter your budget or schedule. Get BI tools that adapt to popular smart phones, and tablet devices and enjoy simple, practical and affordable analytics and features. Leverage OLAP and forecasting algorithms in a user-friendly, intuitive, browser-based environment that is customizable to every user to provide meaningful views and simple analytics, dashboards, graphs, charts, sorting, ranking and filtering.

Business Intelligence enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and helps the organization to adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! You can establish objective metrics and key performance indicators, and monitor and assess results against plan and strategy.

Right about now, you are probably thinking that a) BI tools will be too difficult for our team to learn, and b) BI will take too long to implement, and cost too much. If that’s what you are thinking, think again! You can have BI that is simple, practical, and affordable, and browser-based AND requires minimal training, so you can achieve rapid ROI and low TCO. You can get all that in a self-serve environment, without the assistance of IT resources, consultants or programmers.

So NOW you understand! The reason I am obsessed with BI is that it CREATES business success. If you want great BI, look no further: Advantages of Business Intelligence

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