Business Intelligence for Debbie, Me and YOU!

I don’t always appreciate what I have, but today I was prompted to remember how fortunate I am! I was having lunch with my friend, Debbie who had to cut our visit short to go back to work. It seems that a critical business issue was identified, and she had to put out the fire.

So, why do I think I’m lucky? Because my business intelligence solution notifies me of issues BEFORE they are critical, so I can take corrective action, notify other people and share the information to come up with the best, most timely solution and put things back on track before anyone suffers the consequences. I can also see what is going well and identify patterns and trends so we can capitalize on the opportunities in the market.

I receive personalized notifications on my mobile device so I know what is going on (even if I am at lunch). My customized dashboard is easy to read on my tablet and my smart phone so, if I need to look at something while I am on the road, I can get to the information quickly and easily. I get a snapshot of daily operations, identify problems and the source of problems, and get up-to-date information about financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place!

My business intelligence solution has a Publishing and Delivery Agent, with complete, fine-grained security and access provisions, so I get information when I need it, and in the format I specify, via the channel I prefer.

If you want to avoid Debbie’s problems and feel as fortunate as I feel, get your business intelligence solution here: Mobile Business Intelligence

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