Business Metrics, KPIs

Betsy says: If you want to measure something, you can use a yardstick, a ruler or a tape measure. But, when it comes to business, measurement is more complicated. You have to measure the right thing and choose objective metrics to avoid subjectivity and ensure clearly defined results and analysis so you can make confident decisions.Business Intelligence Tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) let you see and drive performance by month, by quarter or other time series, with meaningful measurements for every role and function in your company. KPI Dashboards let you monitor results and adjust tactical, strategic and operational goals and processes to get a comprehensive picture of the results of pricing strategies, sales, marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction, processes, skills, knowledge, resource allocation, inventory, distribution, new product development and other business factors.Join our discussion and tell us how you have used Key Performance Indicators to measure and succeed in your business, or share your issues and problems related to business metrics and measurement. You can send in your views at

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