Managed Memory Computing – Power of Choosing

The “thinking” that sometimes takes us to a destination is not adequate or advanced enough to address the possibilities when looking forward from the destination we have reached. Business Intelligence has been one such area.

In the initial stages of development, multi-dimensional cubes running on the disk were paths driving innovation. In the early days of business intelligence, the hardware resources on the client in the client – server architecture were getting more demanding. This was pushing the cost. The cost of large number of users, using expensive hardware and software was a key limiting factor. Aggregated data is very powerful method of managing large quantity of data and making seamless analysis. With more democratization of decision-making process, Business Intelligence solutions, which were earlier restricted to the senior management, started percolating to the operation managers and front line staff.

This led to change in architecture for monitoring and visualization-focused business intelligence. In-memory processing came into play almost at the same time when architecture of the product was changed to zero footprint on the client. In-Memory architecture retained data as well as the display and visualization layer in memory. This led to high requirements of memory while still not being able to use the power of aggregated data.

It is clear that as the amount of data to be analyzed gets larger, aggregated data in multi-dimensional cubes will be the most effective way of analyzing data. The vision of the future from the future is to manage aggregated data in-memory based on the needs of business.

Managed Memory Computing puts the power of choosing which data will be in-memory and which won’t be, in the hands of the user. Based on regular business needs or temporary needs for business interaction/ presentation and available hardware resources, you can make the choice.

Managed Memory Computing puts data analytics on the presentation screen in the boardroom and in the hands of sales representative as per your need and resource available.

This is just the beginning of a new way forward…
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