Five Top Reasons a Business will Fail

Betsy says: I’m going to give you a list of things that often result in business failure. It is far from a complete list, but maybe it will help you see Business Intelligence in a different light. Here is my list of the “Top 5 Reasons a Business will Fail”.

1. You have incomplete or incorrect information about competitive products, changes in the market or customers

2. You make decisions without a thorough understanding of how they will affect the company

3. You use old or incomplete information for planning and strategy

4. You respond slowly to markets and customers

5. Your company provides poor or incomplete team access to critical information for analysis and contribution to the bottom line

If this sounds familiar, you definitely need to make a change. Business Intelligence tools reveal patterns, trends and problems with personalized, custom metrics.

Have you used Business Intelligence Tools to find a subtle, but critical flaw in your products or strategies? Is the list of reasons for business failure something that applies to your business? Join the conversation and tell us about your experience.Write to us at

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