Take Advantage of Business Intelligence on Mobile!

If I can order a pizza or movie tickets on my mobile device, I should definitely be able to do business on my mobile device. Mobile Business Intelligence solutions and mobile BI architecture make that wish a reality. You can take full advantage of CPM and BI features and functionality, and leverage familiar, user-friendly mobile device features like adjustable screen orientation, pinch and zoom, and other touch-driven features. Create personalized dashboards, monitor KPIs, drill down and drill through data, analyze root cause on the fly, share information and receive personalized alerts all at the touch of your finger! World-class business intelligence solution architecture is designed for ultimate mobile business intelligence flexibility and provides up-to-date integrated information in a one-stop, utilizing data from ERP, CRM, legacy systems and other corporate databases. It is simple enough for every user and affordable enough for even the tightest budget!

Discover Mobile Business Intelligence or get in touch at sales@elegantjbi.com to know more.

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