Achieve Business Serenity by the Light of Your Dashboard Software

Let’s talk about dashboards! I’m not talking about those brightly lit marvels of automobile engineering that provide you with information on your speed, fuel levels or engine performance. I’m talking about dashboard software – a marvel of technology and business management that allows you to clearly see the speed at which your business is running, how much fuel you have in your budget tank and how your company is performing. Great dashboard software is a critical component of a business intelligence tool and of easy, intuitive corporate performance management.

The right dashboard can make every user in your organization a productive, empowered, accountable team member and provide them with simple tools, alerts and reporting to help them to their job and make a positive contribution to your bottom line! To choose the right BI dashboard solution you should look for a unified view of key performance indicators (KPIs), personalized access that allows every user to design, filter, analyze and view information in a way that is meaningful to them.

You want a dashboard that offers the following features:

  • Easy-to-use predefined dashboard templates for custom views
  • Simple, drag and drop, interactive building blocks
  • Easy, custom, charts and objects with great formats and templates
  • Links to other objects
  • Ranking of rows and columns
  • Drill down and roll-up from dashboard
  • Time series filtering with absolute, relative range criteria
  • Quick filtering with hierarchical tree view
  • Export and print options
  • Delivery, publishing and sharing

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