Don’t Guess at Your Metrics. Balanced Scorecards Make You Smarter and More Successful!

Every technology solution must provide value and, ideally have a low TCO and a swift ROI. If you are looking for a better way to manage corporate results and your business future, you need a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. CPM is a critical tool, as are Balanced Scorecards. Without an objective way to view metrics, you are left to opinion and subjectivity. Balanced Scorecards give you what you need to measure business results and make confident decisions in a mobile, personalized environment.

To create that kind of powerful environment, you need to reduce the amount of time it takes to customize and implement CPM and Balanced Scorecards. You need a system that is practical, affordable and flexible for future growth. You need an intuitive, browser-based mobile interface that displays on every mobile device and tablet, no matter the screen size.

You can create multiple balanced scorecards for the corporate, division, team and individual level. You can personalize views to define specific perspectives for Customer, Sales, Finance, Internal Processes and Learning and Growth. You can deploy a system that requires less training and improves user adoption.

Get intuitive snapshots of performance against goals, without searching through analytical reports, graphs and indicators and perform trend analysis using a line graph over a sequential time period. Drill into summary data, to find the root cause of a problem. Use strategy maps and review the relationships among metrics to understand dependencies.

Do you want elegant, feature-rich Corporate Performance Management with Balanced Scorecards? Drop an email at for more information on CPM solutions.

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