Complex Issues Become Clear with Cross-Tab and OLAP

When I was eight years old, I stood at the curb in front of my house and sold lemonade. I charged five cents a glass and I was quite successful. It was my first business venture and, since then, I have learned a lot. One thing I’ve noticed is that the business of business gets more complex every year. There is more competition. There are more decisions about markets, products and pricing. There are financial, HR, sales, purchasing, inventory and supplier issues and that’s not all.

It’s nearly impossible to get a clear view with data coming from legacy systems, spreadsheets, best-of-breed applications and databases. But, I don’t want you to be discouraged. Business Intelligence Tool with Cross-Tab OLAP capabilities allows every user to gather, display and analyze data with complete clarity so, whether you are selling lemonade or jet fuel, you can clearly see and manage your results!

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