My Friend Ralph Is Business Intelligence Challenged…and He Isn’t The Only One!

My friend, Ralph is a Financial Controller. He has to stay abreast of business results and track budgeted vs. actual. His company has multiple departments and budgets so information analysis is burdensome, and complicated because the information he needs isn’t simple to retrieve or analyze, so he loses precious time in recognizing issues and making appropriate changes. Ralph provides critical information to other executives and he has to request reports from multiple sources and merge these results into reports and presentations. By the time the information reaches the board room, it is irrelevant! He needs BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE!

Every user needs Business Intelligence Tools to access up-to-date, relevant data so they can improve productivity and increase the effectiveness of business decisions, and the data must be presented in a way that is meaningful to the user. Users need a customized snapshot of daily operations, to identify problems and the source of those problems. You need what you need – financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a customized view of data with information integrated from multiple data sources and systems?

What if you could build a personalized view to support your roles and responsibilities? You could have a unified view of KPIs, graphical analysis, balanced scorecards and reports in an interactive environment. You could track metrics to manage performance and answer critical business questions, and quickly adapt to changing markets. You could create reports and alerts to identify exceptions and thresholds and manage your business today…and in the future.

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