Every business employee has heard the words, ‘empowerment’ and ‘accountability’. But, how can an employee be accountable for results without being empowered to make decisions? How can a company empower an employer to make decisions if employees don’t have accurate, timely, clear information with which to make these decisions?

If your business is struggling with these issues, it’s important to understand the role business intelligence tools can play in solving your problems. If you implement Business Intelligence Software that is practical and affordable, mobile, easy to deploy and easy to use you can effectively achieve accountability and empowerment. Access to business intelligence software means your employees are empowered to get the job done and accountable for results. Access to data is secure, and users only see the information they need to fulfill their role.

Browser-based, mobile Business Intelligence Tools allow your employees to leverage CPM and BI features and functionality, with familiar, user-friendly features like adjustable screen orientation, pinch and zoom, and other touch-driven capabilities. Users can access and analyze information that is relevant to their role to keep them on track and on target. They can create personalized dashboards, monitor KPIs, drill down and drill through data, analyze the root cause of problems, on the fly, and share information and receive personalized alerts – all at the touch of a finger! The right business intelligence tools provide intuitive, sophisticated analysis, enterprise reporting, automated alerts, intuitive, personalized dashboards, balanced scorecards, forecasting and predictive analysis in a self-serving environment.

If you want to empower your employees and enforce accountability across your business, start right here with Business Intelligence Software or email sales@elegantjbi.com

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