Betsy says: I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about Business intelligence. But, I’m just trying to help you!
BI helps you to plan for the future and make confident decisions about products, pricing, competition, markets, financials and other business factors. Today, every business expects its employees to manage results on a daily basis. But, to do that, every employee must have easy access to timely, accurate information.So, how exactly does BI help businesses and employees? Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • Manage, Measure and Control Costs, Finances, Resources, Customers, Sales, Products, and Processes
  • Provide a unified view of results with powerful, easy-to-use analytics, functionality and intuitive reporting for every user role
  • Deliver actionable information for business, divisions, regions, teams and individuals
  • Achieve immediate market and client visibility with critical business metrics
  • Enable smart decisions through Key Performance Indicators
  • Eliminate guess work

Have I left anything out? Take a look at my list and see if you can add some other ways BI has helped, or CAN help a business and its employees.

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