Business Intelligence Tools Leave Reporting Software in the Dust!

Report writers and tools were cutting-edge twenty years ago. Today, they fall woefully short of what we need. Reporting software may seem low cost, and it may offer pretty templates but it isn’t getting it done. This software was designed for report analysts or IT pros and consultants. When standard templates don’t meet your needs you have to wait for IT to design and test a custom report. The resulting reports are inflexible and they don’t meet the needs of a mobile, interactive environment. Today, you need to see and analyze information in a certain way. Tomorrow, your requirements will change. Reporting software can only produce simple reports that are designed to display data – not to analyze or interpret data.

That’s where business intelligence tools and business intelligence reporting software comes in! Every user in your company can analyze customers, pricing, products, competitors, sales results, divisions, business units, regions, teams and individual performance. Tools like key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical OLAP, graphs, charts, gauges, automated alerts, dashboards, slice and dice, drill up, drill through and simplified reporting views and analytics, allow users to create their own reporting and analytical environment. Managers can cascade strategy and goals, establish objective metrics and maintain and encourage accountability and consistency across the enterprise – all without the help of IT programmers or experts.

So, there you have it. If you want business intelligence tool rather than a restrictive reporting package, look no further… email at

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