Traditional Reporting vs. BI

Betsy says: Reporting software WAS cutting-edge and nifty – twenty years ago. Today…not so much. Reporting software was designed for report analysts or IT pros and consultants. When standard templates don’t meet your needs you have to wait for IT to design and test a custom report. The reports are inflexible and they don’t meet the needs of a mobile, interactive environment. Today you need to see and analyze information in a certain way to meet requirements. Tomorrow, those requirements will change. Reporting software is designed to display data – not to analyze or interpret data.

That’s where business intelligence tools come in! Every user can analyze customers, pricing, products, competitors, sales results, divisions, business units, regions, teams and individual performance.

So, what’s your story? Are you still using report writers and reporting software or have you graduated to BI? Tell us your woes and your achievements! We’d love to hear about it! Take a peep at our Business Intelligence Software. You can email at

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