A Tale of True BI and How Darren Became a Hero

My friend Darren had a problem! At dinner one night he said, “We need to develop a comprehensive brand strategy to improve our market penetration and recognition.” Darren is the Senior Vice President of marketing for a retail appliance company. They were launching a national campaign to expand their market into other regions, become a national name, and build a brand reputation to improve competitive positioning in the existing markets.

But Darren first had to first establish a uniform, dependable data and reporting system with the flexibility and analytical capability to meet requirements for every user, so business managers in sales, marketing, finance and operations could view and manage accurate timely information, adapt to changes in the existing market and assess and manage results in new markets. He needed a solution to integrate information from various sources and present it in a user-friendly interface.

Darren didn’t have the time or money to purchase or customize a large, complex system. He had to act quickly to create the brand strategy and market expansion plan, to hire appropriate resources and execute their competitive strategy.
Darren’s tale has a happy ending. He is now a hero! His market expansion is going great because he selected a great BI solution suite. It gives him an integrated, enterprise–wide view of data and he can effectively manage expansion and finances with a current view of data and results. Every user now has access to business intelligence. This data provides information to monitor and improve sales and marketing in existing regions, successfully plan for expansion into other markets, and lay the foundation for a successful brand strategy and business success and growth!
That is the value of true Business Intelligence! If you want results like Darren’s, email at sales@elegantjbi.com.

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