Corporate Performance Management helps you avoid surprises. In business, Sensitivity Analysis has nothing to do with you being sensitive to the feelings of others or visiting a therapist to discuss your inability to take criticism. In business, sensitivity analysis is closely linked to impact analysis and what it means is the difference between business success and business disappointment.

If you have a Corporate Performance Management solution with impact and sensitivity analysis tools your team can accurately determine the root cause of a business issue and plan for the right resources, funding and changes at the right time. You won’t have to guess at the right number, or wonder if you are solving the right problem.

BI impact and sensitivity analysis features allow for concise analysis of issues, reporting and drill down detail so you can make swift, appropriate business decisions. You can understand the impact of one task on another, or the complex dependencies of the metrics used by sales and the metrics used by production and manufacturing.

It’s really important that you know which factors have the greatest impact and which factors are dependent on other factors. But it’s difficult to find and filter this information and the analysis algorithms are complex. If they are not used properly, they result in incorrect, inaccurate data.

A CPM and BI solution with Balanced Scorecards and impact and analysis features lets you establish objective metrics. Your users can quickly get to the source of the problem and understand how to make corrections with a complete understanding of dependencies and the factors that will have the greatest impact. With a thorough understanding of the dependencies and correlation between and among goals, activities and functions, you can easily achieve your goals and plan your strategy with complete confidence.

Want to solve your sensitivity issues (in a business way)? Start here. Check out how impact and sensitivity analysis can help your organisation. Have any such requirement? Send an email at We can help you!

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