An OEM Partnership with BI/CPM Solution Provider Will Make Your Customers Think You Know it ALL!

So, you think you know it all? I know you’re smart, but you can’t possibly be an expert at EVERYTHING. Consider how much you THINK you know about software development and about Business Intelligence software development.

Maybe you understand Business Intelligence, forecasting, reporting, sensitivity analysis and other BI techniques to plan for business results and analyze performance. Maybe you know about software development processes, testing, development techniques and languages, and even mobile device development. BUT, do you understand BOTH domains? Can you develop a BI software product for market and get it done before your competition? Can you keep the application up to date, and maintain, support and test upgrades to remain in compliance with integrated applications as they evolve? Even if you think you can do it all, you probably don’t have the money or time to spend on the effort.

You should consider the opportunities of OEM partnership with a Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solution provider. An expert BI/CPM supplier has all the tools, domain expertise and resources to support the application so your customers can quickly and easily benefit from BI and integration with other systems and data source without a huge investment of time and money from you!

Expert BI and CPM OEM partners can embed BI within your applications to provide additional value and achieve a competitive edge in their market. Partners can re-brand or co-brand the BI and CPM solution and enhance your revenue with best-of-the-breed embedded analytical features, extensive reporting functionality and a single service-oriented architecture. By integrating BI within an existing application you can reduce time-to-market, and decrease risk and investment for product development.

Want to discuss an OEM, partnership or product extension or else want the advantage of BI and CPM features without a huge investment of time and money, contact

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