BI Advantage: Value Proposition for OEM partners

Betsy says:So, you think you know it all? I seriously doubt it. I know you’re smart, but you can’t possibly be an expert at EVERYTHING. As an example, consider how much you THINK you know about software development and, in particular, about Business Intelligence software development. Maybe you understand Business Intelligence, forecasting, reporting, sensitivity analysis and all of the other techniques you use to plan for business results and analyze business performance. OR, maybe you know about software development processes, testing, the latest development techniques and languages, and even mobile device development. BUT, do you understand BOTH domains well enough to develop a BI software product for market?

My guess is that your answer is a resounding ‘NO’.Even if you think you can get it done…do you have the money and the time to spend on the effort? Wouldn’t you be better off partnering with a BI/CPM supplier and letting your customers benefit from BI and the integration of Business Intelligence with other systems and data sources…without a huge investment of time and money?

Got a story about how you (or a colleague) learned this lesson the hard way? What’s the benefit of having a skilled, experienced partner? What mistakes can you tell us about that might help others avoid the pitfalls?

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